About Us

At Grupo Fincamex we are guided by the principles of equal opportunities, equity and respect, rejecting all forms of discrimination. We promote an inclusive environment free of gender stereotypes, ethnic origin, disability, sexual and religious preference.

We are committed to generating a Favorable Organizational environment, carrying out actions and programs in the following areas:

We train our leaders to guide their work team towards achievement and continuous improvement, favoring business performance and always committed to creating a good work environment.

Training and Development
We promote the excellent performance and development of our Employees, through constant training.

Family-Work Balance
We value and promote family unity, that is why we carry out actions aimed at generating a balance between personal life and work.

We live our institutional values, these being the great driving forces of how to do our work.

We recognize the good performance and contribution of our collaborators, since they are the engine of our Group.

We value and promote physical and emotional health, as well as prevention habits.

Prevention of Workplace Violence
We are committed to monitoring compliance with the rules aimed at preventing any conduct or behavior that involves workplace violence.

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